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The TIMEJ team is building a wiki of time-related terms with a specialisation in medieval Japanese history. Besides the definition of terms and bibliographical information, it will also include examples from medieval primary source texts. The wiki will be published in the final project phase in 2022.

Annotated bibliography (Zotero)

In 2022, TIMEJ will publish an encompassing bibliographical database of secondary literature and primary sources used in the project. It contains the notes of the research team and shall provide a structured starting point for people interested in time theories, medieval Japanese history or related topics.

Screenplay for a documentary film

A screenplay for a documentary film about medieval Japanese time will be produced in order to convey the results of the research to a broader public. A preliminary agreement concerning the concept and the writing of the script has been reached with Japanese-Swiss filmmaker Aya Domenig, whose documentary “Als die Sonne vom Himmel fiel” (When the sun fell from heaven, CH 2015) has received international acclaim.